Test Drive Unlimited 2 Money Hack (Cheat Engine Download)

I needed to buy another house in TDU 2 and I was too lazy to do a bunch of races to get one so I used the same method I used for the original TDU to get some money. It’s a pretty easy process, here’s how to do it:

-First, you need to download Cheat Engine and install it. You can download it when you press download button below.

-Next, open TDU 2, load your profile, and press escape to see how much money you have.

-Next, minimize TDU 2 and open Cheat Engine if it isn’t already open run Cheat Engine as administrator.

-Go to the Process menu, find TestDrive2.exe, and click on it.

-Type in the amount of money you have (without commas) into the Value box and click First scan.

-The value should show up on the left. Click on it and then click the red arrow.

-If more than one value appears, spend some money or earn some money in the game until you only get one value.

-Right click on the value at the bottom, go to Change record, and then click on Value.

-Type whatever number you want in the box and click OK.

-Click the box under Active at the bottom and you should now have whatever amount of money you entered in the box.

-Reader Hash wrote “If this didn’t work for you it’s because you have an online profile with the most up to date DLCs. The work around takes some effort. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Backup your profile (check in \Documents\Eden Games\Test Drive Unlimited 2)
2. Back up your entire game installation folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2 (this is the easiest way without backing up individual files that need to be backed up)

3. Uninstall the game without removing save game/profile data
4. Re-install the game
5. Now perform the cheat engine hack and make lots of cash and buy lots of stuff in the game
6. Over write the new installation with the older/up to date backup (which you did in step 2)

Note: when you perform step 4 & 5 make sure you are not online to stop the game updating itself.

this will work. Happy cheating :)“ Download Cheat engine:



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    Hell yeah! let’s drive!

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